Leadership Structure
We are a congregationally-led church.  That means that our staff provides guidance and wisdom in decision-making, but the ultimate decision belongs to the congregation itself.  Therefore, we have a structure of committees and teams that help to oversee, plan, organize, and dream our various ministries.
Adult Ministry/Discipleship
Chair:  Liz Lockhart
Youth & Children
Chair:  Erin Kenkel
Chair:  Nathan Meece
Deacons are each assigned a group of church families with whom they help the pastoral staff in the pastoral care ministry.
How you can participate:  Communicate with your own deacon and continually pray for your deacon.
Co-chairs:  Tammy Tankersley & Lynn Hillin
The Fellowship Team leads and coordinates opportunities for fellowship and socials, usually around food!  We facilitate our Sunday morning coffee, annual Chili Bowl, church socials, Fall Festival, and our church-wide Thanksgiving dinner.
How you can participate:  We’d love your assistance with any of our activities listed above and our Sunday morning Fellowship Team rotation.
Chair:  Jim Hillin
Co-Chairs:  David & Laura Meece
How you can participate:  Our Missions Team has chosen some projects we want to be involved in together through our church.
  1. Delivering Beds to children through 40 Winks Foundation—each month as requests come in along with sheets, pillows, a quilt and a frozen meal for later
  2. SEMO Food Truck to provide food to anyone in need from our parking lot twice a year
  3. Providing Blessing Bags to homeless people in need of personal hygiene items and praying with those who request prayer
  4. Providing bags of toys or comfort items to children who come with an adult to the Safe House
  5. Supporting CBF Global missions offerings throughout the year
Co-Chairs:  Bob & Brooke Clubbs
The Outreach Committee looks for ways to extend a welcoming hand to potential visitors, first time guests, and newcomers.  We follow up with our new visitors and host Coffee with the Staff every quarter.
How you can participate:  welcome visitors, assist with our Coffee with the Staff event, share our social media posts, and share your ideas with us.
Chair:  Casey Collier
Chair:  Wade Williams