Associate Pastor for Children and Youth
Education and experience: Bachelor’s degree, completed. Seminary degree, preferred.
Mission: The Associate Pastor for Children and Youth is responsible for providing leadership and oversight to the ministry for young people at First Baptist Church (FBC) and in the surrounding community. The Associate Pastor for Children and Youth will support the Senior Pastor with his or her responsibilities and temporarily fill the role of Senior Pastor when needed.
The Associate Pastor for Children and Youth should have a heart reflective of God’s love. He or she should be devoted to serving others and should feel joyful in the company of children and youth. Young people should feel comfortable with the Associate Pastor, and they should be able to easily communicate with him or her. Diversity should be treasured, and love and respect should be easily given to all people. The Associate Pastor should have a desire to lead and mentor the children and youth of FBC and the surrounding community.
Church ministry:
• Develop relationships with the children, youth, and their parents/caregivers through caring interactions and personal contacts.
• Create, implement, and evaluate Sunday morning Bible study curricula in cooperation with the Senior Pastor.
• Recruit, equip, and shepherd Sunday morning Bible study teachers, volunteers, and paid childcare providers.
• Provide ongoing support that ensures teachers, volunteers, and childcare providers are empowered, equipped, and motivated to serve the children, youth, and families.
• Be available to teach a Sunday morning Bible study class.
• Coordinate Wednesday night children and youth activities.
• Work alongside the Minister of Music in the planning and leading of children and youth worship.
• Work alongside the Minister of Music in developing the musical talents of the children and youth.
• Assist the Senior Pastor in integrating children and youth into the Sunday morning worship service.
• Coordinate a means of transportation to FBC worship services and other activities for youth.
• Organize and lead youth-oriented retreats, trips, and other group activities.
• Plan and coordinate youth service projects in the community.
• Provide pastoral care and counseling to children, youth, and their families
• Coordinate with FBC volunteers and, at times, other churches in the planning of Vacation Bible School.
• Participate in Vacation Bible School in either a leadership or supportive role.
• Preach during Sunday morning worship in coordination with the Senior Pastor.
• Establish ties, regularly communicate, and cooperate with other children and youth ministers in the community.
• Serve in an advisory role to the college ministry of First Baptist Church.
• Establish ties and regularly communicate with community youth programs.
• Cultivate relationships with leaders of service organizations in the community.
• Engage with and serve the children and youth of the greater Cape Girardeau community with special attention to the underserved.
• Follow up with families and teenagers who attend First Baptist Church activities.
• Attend and support youth activities at school and in the community (sporting events, musical events, plays, field trips, etc.).
Administrative responsibilities:
• Assist the Senior Pastor in the planning and implementation of Church goals.
• Assist the Senior Pastor in the oversight of support staff at FBC.
• Organize and lead regular leadership meetings for the children and youth ministry.
• Actively participate in Church Council meetings, Church business meetings, and other committee or staff meetings as needed.
• Prepare a weekly newsletter regarding children and youth activities.
• Actively engage and mentor youth through social media.
• Communicate regularly with parents via social media, text messaging, or email about upcoming events.
• Oversee budgeting for the FBC Children and Youth Ministry.
• Purchase curriculum and supplies required for children and youth Bible study in coordination with the Senior Pastor.
• Obtain and oversee funding for children and youth activities.
• Oversee paid childcare workers.
• Oversee the upkeep and development of the outdoor playground equipment and other outdoor and indoor facilities in coordination with the Chair of Property and Space.
• Create, implement, and oversee policies and procedures that will ensure the safety of children and youth at FBC and church activities.
• Provide an annual report to the Personnel Committee summarizing the events of the past year, the plan for the upcoming year, a three-year goal, and the needs of children and youth at FBC and the surrounding community.
If you would like to apply to this position, please e-mail your cover letter and resume to