Community Groups
Growing in our faith does not just happen automatically. We also believe that is does not happen individually, but in a community. While a worship service can play a big part in our faith journey, we believe that God works in wonderful ways when we get plugged into a small group of believers who can help us to learn, grow, and gain insight into how we can live out our faith together.
Tankersley Community Group
This is a group to explore your faith, your life, and just to get to know each other.  We’ll be investigating a variety of topics via scripture, books, or video series.  We engage in thoughtful and respectful discussion with respect always being key.  Each week we’ll gather for an easy meal and to spend some time together.
Led by:  Patrick Tankersley
Thursday evenings
Tuesday Study Group
This group is a continuation of the Straight Forward study group that has met for four years, but we are seeking new members.  It is a video-based study using End Times Scenario by Chuck Missler.
Led by:  Ronald Robinson
Tuesday evenings
Thursday Study Group

Everyone is invited to join us for this summer study on the life of Moses. This is based on a six-week study by Pastor Adam Hamilton. Using historical information, archaeological data, and biblical text, Hamilton guides us in the footsteps of this reluctant prophet who grew in his relationship with God and by the end of life had successfully fulfilled the role he was given.

Turn your own reluctance into boldness as you examine the significant challenges facing Moses and how God shaped his character and life in powerful ways. You can watch a preview of this study by clicking here:
Moses preview.
 It is not necessary to own the book to participate in this study, but if you would like to have a copy, you may purchase one here: Moses.

Led by:  Marilyn Mallette, Tyler Tankersley and Keith Morse
Thursday evenings
Spiritual Autobiography Community Group
We will share our stories and a pot of soup each week.  Our book will be Spiritual Autobiography, Discovering and Sharing Your Spiritual Story.  Our purpose is to grow in their community group to a level of trust and compassion allowing each of us to share our personal spiritual journey with one another.
Led by:  Nancy Eaker & Linda Mahy
Tuesday evenings